I'm Ross Benway, a user-centered designer who thrives at the intersection of the analytical and abstract. 
I'm a soon to be graduate of the University of Central Florida, where my studies across Computer Science, Business, and Digital Media have allowed me to build a unique approach to problem solving. 
My internships in UX design and HCI research have stimulated my curiosity of human emotion and perception, and how design serves as a conduit between them. I take pride in designing beyond aesthetics, leveraging extensive research, logical architecture, and scrappy prototyping to craft experiences that are both usable and enjoyable. 
In my free time I play Ultimate Frisbee for UCF. Its a fun, unique sport that's a great way to get exercise and meet interesting people. I also enjoy listening to and making music (I'm a drummer, but in the spirit of being a good neighbor in my apartment building, I'm currently trying to learn the guitar).
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